No dream can be born alone. We always believed that life-worthy adventures were not the journeys of one lonely captain, but rather, of a crew of good fellows, each talented in their own way. And together as a family, we see Gaston Chocolat as the place where traditional chocolate crafting meets Vanuatu‘s culture. Our farmers are at the very heart of this family….


Single origin Vanuatu cocoa

Our chocolate is all produced from pure single origin Vanuatu cocoa we’re very close with our network of farmers. We fly out to the remote islands to visit them at least every two months. It’s a little known secret, that quality chocolate’s final flavours are developed in the in the field through the cocoa bean fermentation and drying process, we decided from day one to work with the cocoa growers and handle the whole harvest and post-harvest process, from the fruits on the trees to turning them into chocolate bars. It’s truly one family all the way from tree to bar.



Cocoa Growers

Working with the cocoa growers is a necessary step in crafting fine chocolate. Without good quality beans in constant supply, there would be no Gaston. Therefore, when we started we first spent over a year in training and revisiting the growers’ techniques from harvest to drying and storage. Every step is critical in building the flavour profile of the beans and the wrong handling of one could jeopardize all efforts made at previous stages. With a continuous presence in the field and ongoing training and participation in skills development programs, we ensure a constantly improving production, both on quality and volumes.