“I have constantly been exposed to the local culture, and have come to embrace it, to the extent that my French roots are now deeply intertwined with the life and customs of these faraway islands.”

Creating Gaston Chocolat

In Bislama, the local language spoken throughout the 86 islands of Vanuatu, the word for the elderly is “olfala”. It is a word which commands respect for a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom. It is a word that carries the legacy passed on from one generation to another. This consideration for the older generation reminds us of how artisan work is also often associated with traditions and the oral transmission of precious know-how and unique techniques. We like this.

Gaston was our founder Olivier’s grandfather and he is remembered every time we listen to the “olfalas”. The stories about gaston have nourished the image of a man we have come to admire. A man who would see an old mansion fall apart and restore into it a bustling family hotel. A man with a vision that went beyond the way things looked, to what they could be. A man who would bring people together. An entrepreneur, with a heart.



Craftsmanship, Passion & Traditions

Entrepreneurship has always driven us. We find Chocolate making a way to blend our passion for craftsmanship, artisanal skill and people. So, when the time came to begin this journey of tree to bar chocolate making in Vanuatu, we choose a name that would carry the very spirit of this entrepreneurship, honest crafting, dedicated passion and respect for traditions of old and not just a little bit of lust for adventure. A name that would be an everyday reminder of the core values we seek to embody.

Having a chocolate brand bearing Olivier’s grandfather’s name is also a constant reminder that family is everything, and that no dream can be born alone.